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Our Thanks


Our expressed gratitude goes out to all those whom have kindly helped us keep the youth of Brent

off the streets, by offering them FREE of charge activities such as our 

highly successful Youth Open Boxing and Female Only Boxing.
These projects assist on providing self esteem, motivation, discipline and ability to socialise with other diversity youths groups.
We would therefore in reconising our kind supporters wish to offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to all of the following:
Sport England, Brent Ward Working, 

Asdas in Wembley, Colindale and Park Royal, Grass Roots, 

Edward Harvest Fund, Wembley National Stadium Trust, 

BBC Children in Need and Junior Collins for his dedicated support in ensuring

our projects are effectively funded and initiated.

Without you all none of our worthwhile and deserving projects would have been the proven success they have!



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