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Home Security


Taking basic preventative methods to improve the overall security of your home

will considerably reduce the risk of burglary.

By undertaking the simple installation of good standard items such as window or door locks you are already on the way towards bettering your home.

By following some simple steps you will ensure you are reducing the risks...


1) Even if only leaving your home unattended for a few minutes ensure you close and lock all external windows and doors.


2) At night ensure any windows or doors that you may have left unlocked during daytime are secured properly.


3) Ensure all household keys are out of sight or within easy reach of any door that could be

reached from the outside.

Never leave them in an external garage or under a flowerpot that could be got at by someone.

Always keep your keys within easy reach of yourself incase of emergency escape in the event of a fire.


4) When installing new windows or doors. Always ensure they are appropriately

certified to British Standard (BS).

They should also have a kite mark displayed.

The correct standards for windows are BS7950 and for doors are PAS24.


5) On older style windows, you may add additional window locks to lessen the risk of false entry.

An intruder is less likely to break-in if they have to smash a window.

Use deadlocks on doors to improve their security.


6) Visible deters such as a reliable intruder alarm or p.i.r. lighting considerably help in putting off or distracting intruders.

Ensure when installing an alarm it confirms to local authority regulations and has the standard allowed cut out time. This is usually for 20 minutes.

Also, p.i.r. lighting is non distractive to your immediate neighbours and, is not placed where it could be tampered with by an intruder.


7) Timer devices are also beneficial, these may be used to control devices within your home such as radios, lights even when you are not in the home.

If an intruder feels a property is well occupied it will make them far more hesitant.

8) Ensure outside walls and fencing also prevent ease of access to your property.

Using garden plants which have prickly shrubs amongst trellis or chain linked against fencing will also help.


9) Fitting a spy hole to a door will allow you to have visible access of persons before opening.

Also, by fitting a door chain or restrainer it will prevent access of persons should you decide to open the door.


10) Always ensure garages or sheds especially those which are adjoined to your property are locked correctly thus, preventing easy entry.


11) CCTV - There are a considerable range of camera(s) readily available to purchase on the market through selected retail outlets or the internet.

You may consider a professional installer although, this will be costly.

Always ensure they are registered.

Dependant on their function and purpose a basic camera(s) will cost little as £20 to purchase.

Camera(s) with night vision have small lights surrounding the lens.

The greater number of lights evident determines the visual display after dark.

Although, most camera(s) when purchased usually advise you of this function.

Some cameras offer audio as well as visual facilities and, automatically activate when motion is detected.

More advanced ones have pan, rotation or even zoom facilities.

The price you spend on the camera(s) usually determines its quality.

You can obtain optional extras to aid with the recording of your camera(s) such as, digital recorders with data storage, dvd recorders or video/dvd tv with built in recorder.

Many outlets offer multiple buy cctv packages.

Should you wish to have a few camera(s) installed this will probably be the most beneficial way to purchase them and cost you less.

Always explore and research the most cost effective method before purchasing.

CCTV is an excellent, modern way of safeguarding your home.

The installation of camera(s) are certainly beneficial, and act as a good visual deterent to any potential intruder.

The least thing they want to be is literally caught in the act by camera(s).

Evidence of this nature could lead towards their identification, arrest and conviction for comitting the crime.  

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