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Gangs, Gun & Knife Crime


Never should it be condoned that it is rightful for any individual to
carry on their person any form of offensive weapon.
When asked many people claim they are carrying a knife or gun for 
variable reasons:
• Their personal protection.
• Their own self defensiveness against another.
• Their fear of attack from another.
• Pressurisation of another they feel obligated to look upto. Commonly
refered to as Peer Pressure.
• It will make them gain respect of others, have overwhelming power or
control over a confrontational scenario.

Not everyone whom maybe carrying an offensive weapon on their person
goes out with the intention to use them on another. Though, should you
be carrying any form of offensive weapon then, circumstances prevail of
a confrontational situation you unintentionally are far more likely to
produce it to defend yourself, which leads onto the extreme likelihood
of a situation getting out of your control, you then using it and you
seriously harming another.

Inevitably, as mentioned the extreme consequences of seriously harming
someone else, or even someone you are having the confrontation with
turning the tables on yourself and using the weapon against you inturn
seriously harming yourself carry high probability. Therefore, whether
it was truly your intention to use it or not, you could end up in a lot
of trouble far more than you anticipated with the inevitable
consequences been of fatal circumstance.

Those whom decide to carry a knife or gun upon their person never
realistically know what they are doing with it or even in all sincerity
why precisely they are actually in possession of it in the first
• If you are carrying a knife then you are far more probable to get
stabbed yourself.
• Imitation weapons mainly guns that use ball bearings, are illegal
which may cause serious injury or even physically scare another just as
much as a real gun.
Should you be caught in possession of such a weapon even, though you
may think you wouldn't, you still face the likelyhood of going to
prison for carrying one in a public place.
• Scenarios which involve the useage of offensive weapons of any kind
may easily begin to get out of your control very quickly.
• Should it be, that the gun you or someone else you know of is
carrying isn't real, others around you including the police won't
necessarily realise this. This ultimately will increase the potential
risk of you being harmed be it attacked, threatened or, even more
serious devasting consequences.
• The police have the authority to stop and search should they believe
you are in the possession of any form of offensive weapon that could
potentially harm either another or yourself. Many places now make use
of screening technology that can detect if you are carrying a weapon.
If you are found to be carrying a knife or gun you will be arrested and

Knife and gun crime can affect any individual, not necessarily those
involved with gangs.
• There are known occurances where innocent bystanders have been
accidentally caught in the middle of anothers dispute, thus suffering
severe trauma, serious injury or even worse.
• It should be clearly understood that under no circumstance is there
any safe part of the body where if you stabbed or shot someone it
wouldn't cause injury.
Any type of wound be it to the arm or even leg can still be life
threatening. There have been many known cases where young people have
died as a direct consequence of obtaining wounds to their leg because
it has severed.a major artery in the body.
• Any type of injury at the time of impact may well look very small and
not life threatening though, always remember any form internal damage
can kill you!

The association between knife and gun crime and their useage amongst
gangs is regretfully not uncommon in todays society.
They are used either with the criminal implementation to purposely
cause harm to another though, in the majority of cases to scare or
intimate people from intervention with the gang or one of it's members.

A gang may in some circumstances purely be a sociable group of friends
whom usually tend to live in the same area as each other, or perhaps go
to the same school or college and choose to congrigate together.

Gangs are not necessarily all bad or actively involved in criminal
activities and, to these people being in a gang can just mean hanging
around with the same group of friends. Hanging around with the same
circle of people sometimes can make them feel safer, as they think
there all looking out for each other.

At the other side of the equation there are the gangs whom have clear
objectives to participate in criminal activity then, try to encourage
other peoples involvement with them and what they are into primarily to
avoid attention been drawn to them or avoid arrest.
Commonly associated criminal activities include the running, dealing or
supplying of illegal classed drugs.
Gangs are knowingly using persons, as young as the age of 8ys for drug
runs purely to avoid suspicion or arrest by the police.
It is highly probable these individuals carry knives, guns or other
offensive weapons that they could easily use, either to show off or
intimidate and threaten people if confronted.

Why is it people become fearful of gangs and their actions?

Many people can begin to feel rather intimidated or scared by gangs
with the congrigating of young people whom appear to be just hanging
around in a selective location. Especially, when alone they may feel
far more vunerable to the risk of being abused or attacked.

In alot of cases, gangs might shout things at people, and this can be
interpreted as being aggressive behaviour even, though perhaps they may
not be physically threatening them.

When it is viable that a gang is observed to be knowingly carrying
knives, guns or other offensive weapons, it is quite common for them
to get them out to show off and look hard. This naturally would be
extremely scary for another to witness, especially if they think it
will be used against them.
In situations were you maybe confronted try you best to remain vigilant
of what is going on around you, and not show you are fearful of them as
doing this may only encourage more conflicting behaviour.
At the earliest opportunity try your best to get yourself away for the
situation faced. Never do anything to antagonise them, that places you
at risk no matter how frustrated or annoyed you feel of their actions.
Once you are safely away and, if the gang are knowingly causing
problems or in the possession of offensive weapons you are advised to
Dial 999 and report the matter to the police for actioning.
Remember, this course of action may prevent another person from been
potentially harmed.

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