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Meet the Team

Senior Management

Junior Collins - Principal Trustee

Purnima Khatri - Trustee

(Finance and Safeguarding)

Keith Harwood - Chief Executive Officer

(Crime Reduction and Community Safety)

Middle Management


Claude Fontanelle - Strategy and Operations Officer


Leroy Simpson - Police and Community Partnership Officer

Judith Fontanelle - Lead Safeguarding Officer

Dr. Abubaker Baana - Community Involvement Officer

Tyrell Christopher - Community Involvement Officer

Jeremy Zeid - Community Involvement Officer

Jaine Lunn - Administrative Services Officer

                         (Bid Writing Support)

and Chair - Wembley Central - Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel

   Onye Ukachi-Lois - Legal Officer

Khadija Adelhamid - Non - Designated Officer



Samuell Benta - Patron

Senior and Middle Management are 'Appointed' Officers whom specifically work

within our community and are actively committed towards supporting 
Crime Prevention and Community Safety. 
They usually come from a police service, local and central government, 
or similar background and use their extensive experience and specialist knowledge to aid their key roles.

Senior and Middle Management are Child Protection / Safeguarding Trained with Certification.
Two upon our Management Team are Gangs Culture, Youth Worker,
Drugs and Mental Health Awareness Trained with Certification.

Team Officers are 'Appointed' Officers whom similarly work within our community

and provide the essential support needed in assisting our Senior and Middle Management. 

They likewise, share a vetted interest in Crime Prevention and Community Safety.

  Team Officers are Child Protection / Safeguarding Trained with Certification.



Francis P. Henry - Daniels Estate Agents

Steve Sanham

Gwen McLeish - CHSIE (Cultural Health Science Initiative Enterprise)

Rhoda Ibrahim - SAAFI (Somali Advice and Forum of Information)

Ricky Gardner - REVO SECCUS

Heena Patel - Family Gold Network

Sonoo Malkani - Vice Chair - Harrow Safer Neighbourhoods Board (MOPAC)

Reena Shah - Securus Safe Deposit Centres

Amit Shah - Securus Safe Deposit Centres

Danny O'Brien - Anti-Knife UK

Tracey Hanson - The Josh Hanson Trust - (Anti-Knife Crime)

Brooke Loise Lyla Hanson - The Josh Hanson Trust - (Anti-Knife Crime)

Calvin Beckford - The Crime Prevention Website

Cheryl Pheonix - Black Child Agenda and Positive Steps Youth Project

Wembley Central and Alperton Residents Association (WCARA)

Roe Green Village Residents Association (RGVRA)

Genesis / Notting Hill Housing Association

UK Youth Movement

Harrow Youth Parliament

Young Brent Foundation

UK Youth Parliament - British Youth Council

Big Local - Wembley Central

Friends of King Eddie's Park - (FKEP)

Advocacy for Napalese Organisation - (AFNO)

British Gurkha Napalese Association (BGNA)

Brent Outreach & Engagement Team - (BOET - CGL)

Revolving Doors Agency

iCAN (Community Ambassador Network) - Metropolitan Police Service

Crimestoppers UK (London Board)


Ismael Lea South - The Salam Project

NICE - The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Jessica Plummer - The Shaquan Sammy - Plummer Foundation

Cathryn Walsh - Founder - Kingsbury (North West London) Neighbourhood Watch


Cllr Muhammed Butt - Leader of Brent Council

Cllr Krupa Sheth - Wembley Central Councillor - Brent Council

Cllr Wilhelmina Mitchell Murray - Wembley Central Councillor - Brent Council

These accreditations are bestowed upon organisations or individual people in recognition 

for their support, commitment or contribution 
towards our work within the community.
Partnerships and Associates are nominated from an

Senior / Middle Management  or Team Officer.





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