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About Us


London Wembley Crime Prevention (LWCP) is an Independent Registered Charity

extensively working with our community towards the reduction and prevention of crime. 

In ensuring our dedicated work is 'pro-active', we have

partnerships with the police, council and statutory agencies. 

It was originally devised back in 1984. 

Although in 1991, the team decided to formally register it's status

with The Charity Commission.

Upon formation, it was the intention of the team to primarily help and engage

with the community of North Brent giving special consideration

towards supporting the youth element with non-involvement in crime. 

In recognition of the considerable demand to expand and serve the needs of our community, 

we vastly broadened our criteria and expertise into tackling aspects of crime that

overall have a substantial and negative impact upon society.

We as part of this, extended our deliverance to support the whole of Brent and

any other of London Boroughs whom sought our assistance.

Our team consists of individuals from varied diverse and multicultural backgrounds,

consisting of 'key' representatives from our community, the police service,

local and central government, youth services, specialist 'partnership' agencies.

LWCP are fortunate to have experienced, trained and certified

Team Managers and Officers whom are dedicated towards dealing with  

crime reduction, community safety, anti-knife crime,

child safeguarding, youth support work, mental health,

anti-social behaviour, gang affilation/involvement, drug/substance misuse,

domestic violence/abuse and similarly associated fields to crime.

To ensure we are kept informed of the latest trends in crime reduction and community safety,

officers from within our team reside upon multiple Metropolitan Police - Local Safer Neighbourhood Panels

and attend MOPAC (Mayors Office for Policing and Crime)

Safer Neighbourhood Boards within Brent, Barnet and Harrow.

Four of our officers are appointed ICAN Ambassadors for The Metropolitan Police Service

and one resides upon Crimestoppers UK - London Board.

LWCP have initiated 4 "key" priorities to ensure our team provide effective support

towards the current impacting concerns relating to crime.


Gangs, Knives, Guns, Crime.



Schools, Colleges, Universities, Bullying, Substance Misuse.





Domestic Abuse, FGM, Mental Health, Counter Terrorism.


"Relationship Building"


"Guidance / Advisory"

In the broader spectrum of our work London Wembley Crime Prevention Team Officers are privileged to attend a vast range of seminars, conferences, schools, colleges, universities, places of religious worship, open community/public events not only within Brent but across other London Boroughs tackling concerns surrounding all aspects of crime from anti-knife/gun crime, gang intervention, anti-social behaviour, hatred/discrimination/abuse, housing, burglary, domestic violence/abuse, health and well-being, personal safety amongst many others.

Our dedicated team through their attendance have put to good use their experience and knowledge within specialist fields to provide other professional organisations with better guidelines on how to implement change to set down new policies and guidelines on crime related concerns, tackling issues and bringing about improving upon community/public relations. 

We have been honoured to receive a number of prestigious awards both as a professional organisation and upon the individual merit of LWCP Team Managers and Officers in recognition of our dedicated work and service to our community. 


Also, LWCP Team Managers and Officers have done interviewed features for BBC Crimewatch Daily, ITV News London, BBC News London, BBC Children in Need LIVE and many other news media.

We are always of the strong opinion 'Together We Can Make A Difference' and shall remain committed towards ensuring we effectively support the needs of our 'whole' community.

How London Wembley Crime Prevention Team support the community

through our initiatives, projects and work.

Impacts young people face in their lives and within our community.

It is important within the home or educational environment that parents, guardians, carers, teaching staff and alike fully recognise the early signs of a young person showing changes in their general attitudes towards everyday life. 

This may take shape in variable forms and happen very quickly without realising such as unwillingness to attend school, truancy, intentional exclusion or suspension from school, change of personal appearance, lack of hygiene, attitude and communication towards others, re-drawal from being around other people and general socialising, unusual behavior and conduct unbecoming of normal, suddenly asking to go out at variable times, refusal to say when going out where their going, whom their going to be with or, even what time they intend returning back home.

Why are these 'signs' important to recognise you ask?

In school, it could mean bullying or intimidation by other students could be taking place.

Outside, it could be mean they are being pressured by others into joining or getting involved within a gang, shoplifting or street robbery. 

Naturally, there could well be other aspects to this which may be linked to an unhappy home situation, arguments, split parenting, peer pressures or alike. 

Either way, 'prevention' and early 'intervention' are 'key' to helping a young person through what may be an extremely traumatic or difficult time in their lifetime. 

London Wembley Crime Prevention Team through it's successful initiatives and projects work towards ensuring the safeguarding of our young people is paramount.

We take considerable pride towards achieving practical mentoring skills and guidance towards ensuring young people feel they can approach us and freely talk in a safe environment with appointed officers from our team over any personal issues.

We in-turn can provide them with the appropriate assistance and guidance they effectively need to support them through.

We also, have and shall use other methods of referral at our disposal such as youth counseling provision through our appointed partnership counselors.

By offering a full 'support network' we can make a significant change and difference to a young persons way of life and prevent them from potential risk of harm or; even more serious situations from inevitably happening.


A quote...

​"Live the Life of Your Dreams.

 When you start living the life of your dreams, there will always be obstacles, doubters, mistakes and setbacks along the way.

But with hard work, perseverance and self-belief there is no limit to what you can achieve."

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