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Funding & Support

As an Independent Registered Charity London Wembley Crime Prevention is solely reliant on the kindness and generosity shown by the public through donations and own independently found funding support.    
We need your help to keep our highly beneficial projects running  

and meet our operational costs.
Our Team Officers kindly give up their own personal spare time to ensure 

London Wembley Crime Prevention continues to be of service to our community.  
Without all of us working together as part of a dedicated team and extensively working towards the 

prevention of crime within our community 

none of this would be at all possible. 

There are so many ways you can kindly help support our aims and objectives...
• Do you perhaps own a local business be it shop, takeaway, hotel, restaurant etc... 
Could you kindly support us by placing a charitable collection tin there? 
• Donating monies directly through our charitable bank account (kindly ask us for detailed information)
• Expression of interest in becoming an
Team Officer and kindly giving us a few hours

of your spare time by assisting us with our work.

Please be advised:

Appointment to our team is subject to current and approved DBS checks

along with our required background / reference checks.

Appropriate training will provided if accepted.

Please email us on:

A big thank you in advance.

BBC Children In Need

London Wembley Crime Prevention were kindly awarded nearly £30.000,00 to support the running of The Wembley Youth Open Boxing for a period of 3 years. This grant has now finished with the potential of continuation.
A big thank you to BBC Children In Need, all of those people who's generous donations have benefited BBC Children in Need and, the Officers of London Wembley Crime Prevention for all their dedicated hard work and commitment.


Wembley National Stadium Trust

In January 2013 we were kindly awarded funding 

of £2,400 from 

Wembley National Stadium Trust.

This money allowed the continued funding of our Youth Open Boxing Club.
The funding grant provided has now been completely used. 

In January 2014 we were kindly awarded further funding 

of £2,400 from 

 Wembley National Stadium Trust.

This money allowed the continued funding of our 

Female Only Kickboxing.

In January 2015 we have been kindly awarded 

further funding 

of £2,450 from 

 Wembley National Stadium Trust.

This money allows funding of our Female Only Boxing.


We are extremely grateful to Wembley National Stadium Trust for their continued support in allowing us these beneficial funds to support our extremely successful projects.


Brent Ward Working

We gratefully received funding from Wembley Central Councillors for the Female Only Kick Boxing Project to the tune of £3.900,00

This funding grant has now been completed used and proved highly beneficial towards it's current success.

In March 2015 we have been graciously awarded 

further funding of £1,605 in order to meet essential refurbishment costs 

of the female facilities at the venue we used for running our youth projects.

Thank you very much for your support.



 We appreciate the staff and customers of Asda's 

Colindale, Wembley & Park Royal.

In kindly using the charity coin donation system within Asda's in providing us with funding.



We wish to express our gratitude to 

McDonalds Restaurant

482 - 484 Wembley High Road,

Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 - 7BH

for kindly supplying us with 

children activity packs, balloons, crayons

for usage at community events. 



Daniels Estate Agents

We lastly would like to sincerely thank Francis Henry and his staff for their continued support in meeting our general running costs. Their help is most welcomed and appreciated by all of our team.

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