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Community Unity "Community Unity means Strength".

We at London Wembley Crime Prevention regardless of your background, educational status, wealth, where you live or what you may do as a career believe in promoting better awareness of "Community Unity". 
At some point in your lifetime you will hear or learn of the word "unity". 
We the Officers and Members of London Wembley Crime Prevention aim to put true meaning behind the word "Unity" in  that it "Strengthens our Community".

"Unity" means oneness, or togetherness. When there is oneness there is likely to be more strength in opinion, more strength in action, and more strength in character.

As a mere example:  Should you take a stick, it could break very easily. However, when you take a bundle of sticks, it would become far more difficult to break them. This is the unique power behind the word "unity". 

It may often be heard amongst our community the comment...

"How come we are such a divided community?”. The probable response and, most simplified answer

to this is by most would usually be... "Why not?".
It would not be unethical in saying that many people may not necessarily agree with this statement but, realistically speaking sadly as a community we have never been truly united unless through our own instincts in that we choose to make and show a difference.

Everyone of us, at some stage in our lives will learn of or hear the well known proverb "Unity is Strength". Though, no country which has been so divided by internal dimensions and divisions can stand up against it.  Division and lack of "unity" always ends with mere conflict and discrepancies. 

It is good to say..." Unity is Strength" although this be said... “Actions are far better than words”.  

Therefore... ask yourself this...
"When was the last time I helped a fellow member of my community ?"
When was the last time I made a difference to my family, a close friend or more

prominently within our community?
If you can answer this question very easily and promptly, by saying...
"I did this" or "I did that" be it a year, month, week, day or even an hour ago then...
You as a member of our community should be proud and commended by what you have achieved in giving something back to another.

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