Impacts young people face in their lives and within our community.

How London Wembley Crime Prevention Team support the community 

through our initiatives, projects and work.

It is important within the home or educational environment that parents, guardians, carers, teaching staff and alike fully recognise the early signs of a young person showing changes in their general attitudes towards everyday life. 

This may take shape in variable forms and happen very quickly without realising such as unwillingness to attend school, truancy, intentional exclusion or suspension from school, change of personal appearance, lack of hygiene, attitude and communication towards others, re-drawal from being around other people and general socialising, unusual behaviour and conduct unbecoming of normal, suddenly asking to go out at variable times, refusal to say when going out where their going, whom their going to be with or, even what time they intend returning back home.

Why are these 'signs' important to recgonise you ask?

In school, it could mean bullying or intimidation by other students could be taking place.

Outside, it could be mean they are being pressurised by others into joining or getting involved within a gang, shoplifting or street robbery. 

Naturally, there could well be other aspects to this which may be linked to an unhappy home situation, arguments, split parenting, peer pressures or alike. 

Either way, 'prevention' and early 'intervention' are 'key' to helping a young person through what may be an extremely traumatic or difficult time in their lifetime. 

London Wembley Crime Prevention Team through it's successful initiatives and projects work towards ensuring the safeguarding of our young people is paramount.

We take considerable pride towards achieving practical mentoring skills and guidance towards ensuring young people feel they can approach us and freely talk in a safe enviroment with appointed officers from our team over any personal issues.

We in-turn can provide them with the appropriate assistance and guidance they effectively need to support them through.

We also, have and shall use other methods of referal at our disposal such as youth counselling provision through our appointed partnership counsellors.

By offering a full 'support network' we can make a significant change and difference to a young persons way of life and prevent them from potential risk of harm or; even more serious situations from inevitably happening.


A quote...

​"Live the Life of Your Dreams.

      When you start living the life of your dreams, there will always be obstacles, doubters, mistakes and setbacks along the way.

      But with hard work, perseverance and self-belief there is no limit to what you can achieve."

Facilitated Projects

Please be advised:

Coronavirus / Covid-19

In alignment with current Coronavirus / Covid-19 Government compliance and recommended guidelines

we have completely reviewed our methods of delivering our facilitated projects.

Until further notice, it will be our policy to offer provisions for young people through online based tuition via zoom or similar methods available to us.

The safety and well-being of those entrusted upon our projects is of paramount importance to us at

London Wembley Crime Prevention and we will strictly adhere to recommended guidelines related to facilitating any youth activities. 

Wembley Youth Open Boxing Club

London Wembley Crime Prevention are privileged to facilitate the running of

Wembley Youth Open Boxing Club.

These sessions are usually offered twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays between 6 & 8 pm.

Instruction is with both Qualified Male and Female Coaches. 


The project has proven a overwhelming success to date with upto 50 participants

attending the sessions on variable days.

We openly welcome new participants as, places are usually available at sessions.

London Wembley Crime Prevention initially received funding for a period of only

6 months for this project to run its course.

Although, through the dedication of continuous fundraising we have actively seeked and thankfully maintained the securing of further funding to allow its successful continuation for the foreseeable future.

It is our ultimate aim and objective to maintain this project for as long as viable.

As part of our dedication towards The Wembley Youth Open Boxing, we were fortunate in providing sufficient funds for over £4,000 worth of equipment, this was thanks to kindness and generosity of Sport England and Brent Ward Working.

Funding which enabled the purchase of the required safety equipment and coverage of coaching fees.

We then, kindly received further funding through Wembley National Stadium Trust to whom we wish to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation.

Upon, this funding been used BBC Children in Need continued on with funding of this project for a further

3 years which has now been used.

The Wembley Youth Open Boxing has been successfully running since July 2012 with some of the benefiting participants proudly going onto achieve professional boxing or successful careers.

The Wembley Youth Open Boxing Club was also privileged to have been featured on BBC London News and BBC Children in Need 'Live' Night on BBC One Television.

Female Only Boxing


 We further offer Female Only Boxing Classes. 

Instruction is with a Qualified Female Coach.

Sessions are usually held on Saturdays between 10.00 am & 12 midday.

These classes have replaced our 

Female Only Kickboxing Classes which commenced 

on Monday 24th June 2013.


London Wembley Crime Prevention on October 22nd 2012 preliminary said it was willing to give it's

support towards the running of Female Only Kick Boxing Classes.

This decision was reached when the committee was approached by around 40 young women looking for form of self defence to combat the issues surrounding racial and sexual abuse though, mainly in the interest that it would keep them motivated and off our streets where there may be risk of harm.


We applied for and originally received the funding from 

Brent Ward Working (Wembley Central Councillors) to whom we wish to express our gratitude and thanks. 

(This funding has now been completed used).

We also, thankfully received funding from 

Wembley National Stadium Trust as of April 2014 

which enabled it's successful and continued running.

(This funding has now been completely used).

For further information on either, please contact us via the contact form.

The above two projects are offered to participants 

completely free of charge.















Gangs, Gun and Knife Crime

&  'Just Dont!' Campaign


London Wembley Crime Prevention recgonise the serious concern, impact and devasting effect that

gangs, gun and knife crime is having on our community.

The increased carrying and useage of weapons amongst young people has become a common daily occurance, which we regretfully learn of through police, television, newspaper or similar coverage.

It is our 'primary' aim and objective to work with key 'partnership' organisations to tackle this issue by variable means and resources made available to us.

In achieving this we working together shall create better awareness amongst schools, colleges, universities and, our community not solely within Brent but, London wide to address the 'key' concerns surrounding why young people decide to get involved in gang culture

then, in-turn carry or use offensive weapons.

We currently have two officers on our team whom have undergone specialist educational training

with certification in both gang culture and drug awareness (because of there common links)

so, they gain better knowledge and experience in this field.

At a committee level our officers have discussed in considerable detail what other methods are available

at our disposal to get the message across to the young people within our community of the inflicted dangers of getting too heavily involved in gangs, gun and knife crime.

London Wembley Crime Prevention Community Team Officers have been working hard and successfully produced a detailed presentation that has been exclusively formatted by them for their own exclusive usage.

This will now be used and presented to students at various schools to ensure they can deliver an important message to them of the inflicting dangers and implications of young peoples involvement within gangs

plus, the common associations this knowingly has towards gun and knife crime.

We also are in the process of working alongside some very talented and inspiring young artists and producers within our local community to compile an exclusive 'awareness' music video surrounding the 'key' issues and concerns of young people with gangs, gun and knife crime.

It is our full intention once this video is ready for show, that we shall broadly publicise it across the main well known social media sites, television, schools/colleges and, by any other means made available to us.

We hope by producing the video that it will deliver and achieve getting the right message across to young people of the risks, dangers and consequences of involvement, which ultimately shall have an overall positive impact within our community.

London Wembley Crime Prevention in January 2016 officially launched a campaign

using the barrel name of 'Just Don't!'

This will specifically be addressing the high increase in severe knife crime offenses occuring of recent amongst our young people. Our campaign has been widely publicised within the press.

We strongly feel ‪‎UK‬ ‪‎Government‬ and Parliament‬ need to address this issue in far more depth than they actually do and also, bring about the implementation of far tighter age restrictions towards the sale of such offensive ‪weapons‬ through ‪retailers‬ and ‪‎online‬. By them introducing such laws, it is ensuring that we lessen the viability of knives being so easily made available to youngsters from the average high street retailer such as pound stores and on-line from military surplus suppliers and then be freely used upon our streets in violence through knife crime related incidents .

Consider this fact and think... When you next walk along your High Street, just take a look to see

how easy it would be for a ‪‎youth‬ to freely obtain a knife.

The mere speculation that knives are simply taken and used in incidents from within the ‪family‬ ‪home‬ is not accurate whatsoever. If you think logically about it, would you want to freely use a ‪‎kitchen‬ knife from your own home that could well be easily traceable back? No.

Through "Just Don't!" we hope to gradually  bring about change to Government 'perceptions' of tackling such major concerns not only within laws but planned courses of action in 'prevention'.

We are also privilaged to be working alongside The Josh Hanson Trust

and other charitable/community  organisations towards supporting them achieve

all of our objectives towards creating far greater recognition on anti-knife crime.

This level of campaigning will not only be confined to within the UK but Global (Worldwide).










Safer Gardens


When looking at Home Security we often disregard or pay little attention to our perimeters

mainly that of our front or rear gardens.

These can in their own right without you realising be an overwhelming attraction for any

potential burglar be they opportunists or professionals. 

Often, there seek out opportunities where adequate coverage or shelter is provided to them to ensure their activities go unnoticed by passers by or your neighbours.  

Hedging is one of the most common aspects we often  ignore purely cause we cannot be bothered to adequately maintain the hedge from overgrowing.

Another, is that we leave mowing  the lawn until it becomes lengthy and overgrown. 


The simple fact is that we feel it is irrelevant to burglary but, in reality they are more of an

attraction than ever to your home! 

London Wembley Crime Prevention are offering the public through our Safer Gardens Project the opportunity to adequately ensure these issues are no longer overlooked as, such maintenance issues would be reviewed by ourselves and for a reasonable fee which would be classed as a donation to cover our costs we would rectify such problems be it trimming back a hedge or merely cutting the grass.

We also, under this are offering some forms of basic garden perimeter maintenance such as preserve coating a fence or minor breakage repairs to prevent ease of access by an intruder.

Again, we would expect material costs are met for any work carried out plus, a reasonable fee

classed as a donation.

To qualify for our projects services you should meet a certain criteria...

• Been the victim of burglary or attempted burglary

• An elderly or vulnerable person whom themselves is unable to adequately

maintain a property and requires assistance

• Disabled persons requiring assistance •

On a restricted income that wouldn't allow under normal circumstance for the purchasing of

gardening equipment due to their cost but, are able to meet a reasonable fee


• Please be advised:

We do have a very high demand for our services on this project

and, we cannot always guarantee we are able to provide allocation. 

We shall do our very best to assist you if possible. •

• Disposal & Removal of Garden Wastage - This may be placed into an appropriate bin provided by your Local Authority (Council) - If there is too large or access wastage which cannot be placed within these bins, it will be your own personal responsibility to arrange appropriate disposal of. •

If you think you would benefit from our projects assistance please contact us by phone, text or e-mail and, would be happy to review your circumstance then provide our assistance as required.





​                                                                     Harlesden Business Watch

                 Originally launched in July 2016 Harlesden Business Watch is an initiative

                 to actively engage with and provide support to local businesses and shops.
        It will have a vast range of resourceful uses to prevent crime from shoplifting, theft,

burglary, purse snatching, and vandalism. 
With local intelligence gathered from businesses and shops then using supporting

resources at their disposal like the neighbourhood policing team, council, business association,

town team association and other linked partners they will pro-actively work towards

ensuring the area is safer and better environment to work and live amongst. 

Should this initiative prove to make a difference we aim to broaden it's operation to other locations.



North West London Neighbourhood Watch

a.k.a. Kingsbury Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)

It is our privilage to provide our support in the operation of this initiative originally

devised by a resident of NW9, Catherine Walsh whom like many members of our community

became increasingly concerned at the extent of local crime that is having an impact

upon our local neighbourhoods such as bogus callers, burglaries and ASB.

It's formulation was devised to support the local community in ensuring

 more pride is taken towards caring about where they live both from an environmental

prospective and for reducing the occurrence of crime.

As part of driving this imitative out, Catherine with the kind support of other local residents

has already successfully established an excellent communication network via the setting up of

a series of area Whatsapp local community chat groups known as 'Chatterbox' which provide a

quick responsive method of discussion on any concerning issue mainly about crime.

It also, has added values of having it's own Facebook Community Group Page

which has a substantial following by local residents and supporters.

LWCP will be providing uniquely designed street signage within the area

were residents have registered their interest in taking on the responsibilty of

becoming a NHW Street Co-ordinator and that will be actively be

participating in keeping their neighbourhood more safe from crime.

If you are interested in joining any of the area Whatsapp group(s),

the Facebook Community Group Page or registering to become a NHW Street Co-ordinator,

please use our contact form and we will advise you back accordingly.

Female Only Self Defence Classes

We offer provision through our partnership work to participate in 

female only self defence courses over a number of weeks.

These are provided through our referral system and subject to limited space 

availability on the course.

Training courses tend to be run at various locations throughout the year and are provided

by a highly experienced female instructor.

Courses are usually offered to participants free of charge with a minimal refundable

holding deposit to secure a placement. Please e-mail us should you be interested.    

One to One Boxing Coaching and Group Boxing Boot Camps

Our LWCP highly experienced and registered female boxing coach is offering a

unique training service by way of one to one boxing coaching and

group boxing boot camps at select locations.

Please us our contact form to obtain relative information.




Line of Destiny Musician Training Group Workshops and One to One Tuition


The purpose and aim... 

To learn about the music industry, 

train in performance arts and live performance, 

learning about music production, 

training in singing and live stage performance, 

involvement in the learning of making 

tracks and music videos. 

To interact with young people through their interest of music and encouraging

them to positively express themselves.

The willingness of carrying offensive weapons like 

knives and forming gangs is a common method of gaining a status and a reputation whereas through encouraging them to express themselves through music devotes their 

feelings differently through writing, acting, singing 

and challenging their inner thoughts. 













Community Social Club


The purpose and aim... 

To encourage better engagement between young people, elderly alike to visit and explore through 

social interaction places of interest and to provide 

a better understanding of each other 

and learn through such experiences.  

Trips will operate to variable destinations and will be published on our social media.